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Workshop Information

Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues, The Village, OK City Metro, OK, Fe

Date: Sunday, February 03, 2019 to Monday, February 04, 2019
Time: 9am-5pm
Num Days: 2
Cost: $445
Presenter(s): Alina Frank
Location: A Chance to Change, 2113 West Britton Road
The Village
Oklahoma, OK, USA 73120
Phone: 360-661-6877
Email: Email Presenter
Web Site: http://www.efttappingtraining.com/matrix-reimprinting-for-specific-issues-the-village-oklahoma-febr
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Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues, The Village, OK City Metro, OK, Feb 3-4 2019

To obtain the early bird discount, please use the code word EARLYBIRD in your PayPal registration to receive the $30 discount up until 30 days (11:59 PM, January 4, 2019, Pacific time, US) prior to the start date of the workshop.

Save more if you attend both Matrix Reimprinting (https://www.efttappingtraining.com/matrix-reimprinting-the-village-oklahoma-february-1-2-2019/) on February 1-2, 2019 AND Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues. Learn more: https://www.efttappingtraining.com/matrix-reimprinting-for-specific-issues-the-village-oklahoma-february-3-4-2019/#discounts.

Matrix Reimprinting Certification: Those interested in becoming certified in Matrix Reimprinting have two options. OPTION 1: Attend the Matrix Reimprinting workshop, then pay the EFT MR Academy 99 GBP (Great Britain Pounds), view the approximately. 30 hours of video training and pass the MR exam. OPTION 2: Attend both the Matrix Reimprinting AND Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues trainings (in lieu of being required to view the 30 hours of video training), submit a video recorded MR session to us for review (with an additional cost of $150 US), pay the $99 GBP and then successfully pass the MR exam.

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Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues

Oklahoma City Metro

February 3-4, 2019

Early Bird Price: $415 ($30 discount prior to Early Bird Deadline)

Reg Cost: $445

The Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues course is an additional two day training and may be taken upon completion of the Matrix Reimprinting Basic workshop. So much is taught at the foundational level in the initial course that not all the techniques are able to be practiced and this is a fabulous opportunity to have more time to practice, learn more and feel more confident in applying Matrix with others.

Specific Topics include:

Phobias and Allergies
Working with Others Using Surrogate Techniques
Ancestral Healing
Breaking Habits and Addictions
Working with Physical Pain and Serious Illness
Sex and Relationship Challenges
Upon completion of the 4 day training (2 days of the Basic Foundation Matrix Reimprinting training AND the Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues training), you will be given access to an online exam. Successful completion of the test will qualify you as a certified Matrix Reimprinting practitioner. (Viewing the online videos is still recommended but not required for certification)

A Chance to Change, 2113 West Britton Road, The Village, OK, 73120

Hotels 10 minutes away in Oklahoma City on Memorial Road include:

Country Inn & Suites
Best Western
La Quinta
We Offer Discounts

Save $110 if you register to attend both trainings at least 30 days prior to the first day of the workshop. When registering, use the combined workshop discount code: BothMatrixEarly
A $50 discount will be applied for taking both courses consecutively even without 30 days advance registration. When registering, use the combined workshop discount code: BothMatrix

This training is offered by EFT Tapping Training Institute.

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